Choose the Right Career….Follow Your Passion!

Don’t we all desire a career that makes us happy? If you are driven by passion and wish to be happy, then choose an occupation that provides a good motivational fit for you. At Gojojodeals we offer jobs that suit your skills and values. For all that we do here we need talented employees to help us achieve our company goals.

General Job categories with brief descriptions that Gojojodeals hires for:

Software Development| The Art of Innovation- At Gojojodeals we hire software developers who can help our business to be more efficient so that we can provide quality service. We believe that Software development is an art. Developers have a creative mind as they visualize an idea and materialize it into reality.

We think, eat and sleep Quality because we value our customers, sellers and myriad no. of products and that is why smooth functioning is always an uphill climb for us. Hence, we are careful in screening of candidates and hire only those who make this voyage worthwhile. We give our developers the free rein to build service platforms with new features from scratch.

Software Positions we hire for:

  • Software Development Engineer (SDE)
  • Quality Assurance Engineer (QAE)
  • IOS Engineer
  • Android Engineer
  • Application Engineer
  • Solutions Architect

Administrative Support | Ensuring Efficient Operations- We are always on the lookout for someone with administrative experience, good knowledge of office management systems and procedures. If you possess excellent problem solving, written, verbal communication skills along with proficiency in MS office then we are waiting to hear from you. As a part of the Administrative Support team, you will be responsible for –

  • Providing general support to visitors
  • The to-do list (meetings and appointments)
  • Make, answer and direct phone calls to the relevant departments
  • Submission and admission of reconciliation reports
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Ordering office supplies
  • Development and maintenance of the filing system
  • All kinds of correspondence such as memos, letters, forms and faxes
  • Maintaining a contact list

Audio and Video Production Specialist| Multimedia Content for a Global Audience- For product pictures, production of commercials, corporate videos and audio books, Gojojodeals hires creative professionals for its clients to produce attractive content. Positions we hire for:

  • Audio Editor
  • Audio/ Video Technician
  • Product Photographer
  • Coordinator- Production
  • Studio Engineer
  • Audio Book Editor
  • Imaging Specialist
  • Stylist
  • Manager- Studio Operations

Manager Business Development Merchant Services |Driving Growth- A business development manager at Gojojodeals would be responsible for driving the growth of the company through creative ideas and generating new business opportunities. He or she will be working closely with the sales and marketing teams to craft fresh proposals, identify potential new clients and review contracts.

Positions in the Business Development and Merchant Services Departments-

  • Manager Business Development
  • Channel Partner
  • Corporate Development Manager
  • Vendor/ Merchant Manager

Merchandise Planning & In- House stock |All Services On Time- At Gojojodeals we work very hard to make sure that our clients get exactly what they order and that too on time. For this, we need talented people who can plan inventories, maximize sales potential and minimize loses. Following are the roles for someone who would enjoy working in this department and take care of the innumerable products that we offer:

  • Planner
  • Buyer
  • In- House Stock Manager
  • Supply Chain Planning Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Commodity Manager

Customer Support | A Happy Client- We are very clear about one thing at Gojojodeals; quality service makes a customer happy. As simple as this may sound it isn’t! To achieve customer satisfaction we need to make sure that our customer support employees listen to what our clients say. If you feel that you have the right attitude to demonstrate effective customer services then below are the job profiles you must take a look at:

  • Customer Services Associate
  • Customer Services Manager
  • Team Leader- Customer Services

Design | Unbound by Rules- Designers at Gojojdeals are not limited by beliefs, set- standards and expectations. We believe that great designers are open to less-than- obvious solutions to problems. Become a part of our design team if you feel that you are a great listener, curious, understand context and possess great communication skills.

Design Job Profiles:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Web Designer
  • FX Artist
  • UX Designer
  • Production Artist

Database Administrator | Going Above and Beyond- At Gojojodeals we are always trying to manage huge workloads with ease so that we can deliver services with class. Someone who is a natural problem solver and possesses excellent attention to detail would be the right fit for this job. Below are the administrative roles Gojojodeals offers:

  • Database Administrator
  • Data Engineer
  • Database Specialist

Content Writing & Editorial Services | Content Matters- We believe that good content writing actually helps our business grow. We need fresh content which is precise, suitable and informative on a regular basis. Content writers and editors at Gojojodeals make our story a winning story, so become a part of it:

Positions Include:

  • Copywriter
  • Marketing Writer
  • Business Writer
  • Publisher
  • Digital Editor
  • Content Developer
  • Content Manager
  • Content Strategist
  • Technical Writer

Finance and Accounting | Result- Oriented- Our finance and accounts team at Gojojodeals facilitates in maintaining a balance between the needs of our customers and the goals of the organization. Gojojodeals is a fun, fast- growing company with a vision to provide world- class service for which we need self- driven finance professionals.

Positions available in the Finance and Accounting teams:

  • Accountant
  • Tax Coordinator
  • Finance Manager
  • Accounting Manager
  • Billing Coordinator
  • Financial Analyst

Operations Management | Ensure Efficient and Effective Operations- At Gojojodeals we pay greater attention to quality for which we have set high performance standards. It is essential that our operations team understands customer needs as well as the organization’s goals. The key skills we look for in our operations team are integrity, sincerity and knowledge. Following are the positions available:

  • Facility Operations Manager
  • Operations Team Leader

Human Resource | Our Most Important Resource- Some of the key strengths we look for in human resource professionals are; communication, time management & self- discipline. You may have to resolve from simple to complex daily challenges. If you can perform a wide range of roles and at the same time bring out the best in your staff then we want to hear from you. Positions include:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Human Resource Business Partner
  • Recruiting Coordinator

Corporate Leadership Development and Training | For Employee Enthusiasm and Engagement- At Gojojodeals, we believe that all our employees possess unique potential. It is crucial for us to have leaders who set goals and infuse enthusiasm in others. We want leaders to develop within the company for which our leadership development and training team develops modules and conducts training sessions on a regular basis.

To be a part of our vibrant team, have a look at the positions we offer:

  • Trainer
  • Curriculum and Module Designer/ Developer
  • Sales and Marketing Trainer
  • IT Trainer
  • Learning and Development Trainer

Legal | For Smooth Functioning- Being an online store Gojojodeals highly values its legal team to handle issues that may come up in the course of business such as vendor contracts, compliance, risk- management, litigation, advertising, seller services intellectual property and patents. Before the marketing of a new product, we often need our legal advisors to have a discussion with the staff members. To reduce the risk of potential suits, our legal department may also offer training and assistance to employees to ensure that the company and its employees are kept up to date on workplace law.

Positions in the Legal Department:

  • Corporate Counsel
  • Legal Assistant
  • Contracts Manager

Marketing and PR | Creative Communication- We don’t want our customers to be just satisfied, we want them to be happy. The members of our Marketing and PR team need to be all-rounders with skills ranging from research and communication to creative writing. With an understanding of the market, consumer wants/ needs and the business requirements of our sellers you can easily become a star member of our team.

Positions include:

  • PR Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Social and Digital Media Manager
  • Brand and Positioning Expert
  • Strategic Communications Manager

Project and Product Management | Leading and Directing Teams- We want our teams at Gojojodeals to develop new skills and then use them to execute challenging projects. Our project and product managers help our teams not just set goals but achieve them as well. As a project manager your skill set must include; critical thinking, good understanding of the business, leading and directing teams, performance management and communication. Below are some of the positions we offer:

  • Program Manager
  • Product Manager

Sales and Accounts | Keeping Customers Happy- We like to keep it simple as we believe that quality service will make our customers happy and improve sales. Our sales and accounts professionals whom we highly value possess business acumen to achieve sales objectives.

Sales and Accounting Positions:

  • Advertising Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Accounts Executive
  • Sales Executive

Quality Assurance and Security Management | Being the Best in Our Business- We constantly need software quality and security all along the development cycle. For this our QA & SM team needs to detect software defects during the development process and have quality indicators for superior performance. Take a look at the positions to become a part of our QA and SM team:

  • Quality Assurance Analyst